System Integration & Automation


Making your environment stress-free and incorporating convenience is our priority.
Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Future Home Integration can orchestrate the communication of electronic devices throughout your home. You can find yourself raising and lowering shades, dimming lights, adjusting your thermostat, and many other functions right from the comfort of your favorite recliner. You can even shut off all the lights in the house and set the alarm while laying in bed using your smartphone.

Enjoy the show…
With just one button press, your shades lower, your lights dim, and your favorite movie turns on. The volume is preset to a comfortable listening level. Your home entertainment has become effortless.

If you can dream it… We can do it.







We understand how to make your business technology speak the same language.
The key to your business technology running smoothly and efficiently is partnering with an Integration Company that understands all facets of business technology.

Need secure communication for your new iPad based POS system? We have you covered. Want your guests to enjoy complimentary internet while visiting your business? No problem. Is VOIP/PBX something that is essential for your business? We speak the language. Is maintaining access control for your office, building, or facility keeping you up at night? No more worries!

Whether we are working with other vendors to understand their needs and requirements for a successful deployment or providing a turn key solution for all your business integration needs, we are your #1 resource.