Lighting Design & Control

Control your lights and set the mood with the touch of just one button.

How about doing it without a button? Just walk into a room, and the lights come on, and conveniently go off when you leave. Future Home Integration can even utilize your home theater remote control to turn off and on any light source.

You can pre-set every dimmer to your liking for morning, active lifestyle, cooking, dining, entertaining and more. You can control your lights individually or in groups, from any smart device, and manage all control from the comfort of your home or while away. Scheduled lighting events can even occur automatically based on sunrise or sunset.


Lighting activation can link to your security system. In the event of an incident, specific lights can come on in incident detection, and exterior lights can flash on and off to provide better-locating services by the authorities.

Is décor your priority? Dimmers are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to blend in perfectly with your décor.

We can assist with…

We will work with your installation team or builder to ensure they install the correct fixtures in your space.

Working with your designer or helping realize your vision, we will find the perfect fixture for your project.

Partnering with quality-focused fixture manufacturers is the key to success. We even offer custom fabrication for those unique challenges.

Future Home Integration is a licensed electrical contracting firm that offers fixture installation services.